Cody at the Watanabe Sake Brewery

I recommend this plan  (Cody at the Watanabe Sake Brewery)

Stroll the peaceful town and enjoy the townscape of Hida with its deep culture and tradition.

  • 6 mins walk from Hida Furukawa Station

Learn about local woodworks and the skills of Hida no Takumi

Hida no Takumi Bunkakan

Hida no Takumi Bunkakan is a museum featuring the traditional skills and craftsmanship of the master carpenters of Hida. The museum itself was built by these carpenters without the use of nails. The posts and beams are fitted together like a jigzaw puzzle with skillful precision and care. Visitors can get a close up look at how these posts are fitted together by playing with the wood joint puzzles in the museum.

1 min walk

Stroll through town and enjoy the picturesque townscape.

Setogawa, white wall storehouse and Enkou-ji Temple.

Along the Seto-gawa, an artificial waterway, visitors will see the white walled storehouses on their right and turtle-shaped sculpture just under the roof top of the temple, Enko-ji, to their left. 1,000 koi carp are swimming calmly in the waterway and visitors are allowed to feed the carp (carp food is sold along the waterway).


Sake tasting at the local brewery

Watanabe Sake Brewery at Ichino-machi Street

Watanabe Sake Brewery is on the street where old merchants' houses are lined up. While enjoying the beauty of the building registered as a National Important Cultural Property, you can try the tasting of sake.

2 mins walk

Continue enjoying the peaceful harmony of traditional homes and daily life of this small countryside town

Nino-machi Street / Sanno-machi Street

Many Japanese inns and shops are located on Nino-machi Street while Sanno-machi Street is more of a residential area where local folks go about their daily routine. For keen observers, it may be interesting to feel the difference in atmosphere between the different main streets in town.

2 mins walk

Visit the temple showing seasonal changes.


The riverside temple, Shinshu-ji, boasts an impressive scenery with the striking red bridge, Imamiya-bashi, next to it. In spring, cherry blossoms bloom lovely pink flowers along the river. Bright green leaves appearing in summer changes into vibrant red or yellow in the autumn months. Snow during the winter gives the scene a peaceful and serene atmosphere. No matter the season, there is always something to enjoy here.

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