The most Japanese experience you'll ever get.

The most Japanese experience you'll ever get.

Located 15 minutes from Takayama, Hida bears the most authentic Japan you will ever visit. Lost in the mountains, far from any large city, this undiscovered little town has been able to keep its identity to this day. It’s the perfect place for you to experience a Japan still unspoilt by crowds of tourists. The calm streets are best enjoyed in the mornings, with school kids and their yellow hats talking to you as they go to school, or old ladies planting flowers in the street. Most people don’t speak English there, which adds to the experience. We have recommended for you a perfect two-day itinerary to discover Japan’s deep countryside and a small authentic town, with one of Japan’s finest beef.


The superfine brand beef First, eat Hida beef Lunch! Each restaurant in Hida Furukawa

Each restaurant in Hida Furukawa

Hida beef cattle raised in the rich nature of Hida. The texture of the beef is tender and juicy, highly detailed marbling and rich aroma, and melts once inside the mouth. It goes well with any dish, such as steak, grilled meat and shabu-shabu. It also goes well with Hida's speciality, "Hoba-miso"(cooked miso on magnolia leaf).


Enjoy the countryside of Japan just like movie SATOYAMA CYCLING


You will tour around satoyama, or the countriside of Japan, which is in no other place than here from 2 p.m. through 5:30 p.m. Tours are fully guided in English by local experts.
When you slowly pass through the dignified town of Hida Furukawa and rural community, beautiful satoyama comes into sight. A local vegetables market, traditional house-dotted rice fields, there are daily lifes and cultures passed down for generations on the cycling course with the total length of 22 km. You can feel the beauty of a daily life in Hida, which is not on a guidebook.

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Let's drink with locals at Japanese pubs! Each pub in Hida Furukawa

Each pub in Hida Furukawa

There are some characteristic Japanese pubs in Hida Furukawa. Among them, recomenmded bars are as follows. Especially, "Izakaya Mirai" is highly recommended. You can enjoy the one of the specialities, "Tsukemono Steak", or sauteed pickled vegetables, with local sake, "Horai" or "Shiramayumi". Don't worry if you can't drink sake, because there are many kinds of alcohol.


Stay at Ryokan or Guest house like old private houses Each inn in Hida Furukawa

Each inn in Hida Furukawa

Stay at inns unique to Hida region. You can have a precious time with others when you eat dinner sitting around the fire or talk to a host. Staying hotels are good, but you must stay at these inns at least once if you come to Japan!


Stroll the town in the early morning Feel a tranquil life in Japan Setogawa Canal and White-walled Storehouses

Setogawa Canal and White-walled Storehouses

A row of White-walled Storeshouse, and Setogawa Canal. When talking about townscape of Hida Furukawa, these are a must and symbols of town. 1000 colored carp are swimming from spring to autumn in the canal. At the same time, children are playing with a smile in old streets. You can feel the real llife in Hida.

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  • Setogawa Canal and White-walled storehouses
  • Address: Ichinomachi, Furukawa-cho, Hida City, Gifu


Craftsmanship of architecture in Japan Hida Crafts Museum

Hida Crafts Museum

Because of their superb technical skills, "Hida no Takumi" (the master craftsmen of Hida) went to the ancient capitals to play an important part in the construction of shrines and temples from Nara Period (700 AD). Those traditions and skills have been passed down to the present day. Hida Crafts Museum was built by these craftsmen and made of local wood without the use of nails.
Hands-on models of various wooden frameworks, Tsugite (couper) or Koushi (lattice) are available in the museum.

Basic Information

  • Hida Crafts Museum
  • Address: 10-1 Ichinomachi, Furukawa-cho, Hida City, Gifu


Take a rest at a cozy café Each café in Hida Furukawa

Each café in Hida Furukawa

Let's stop and have a rest at a café!
Fabcafe Hida which one of the recommended is a café renovated old Japanese-style house had a history of over 100 years. You will have a relaxing time while seeing the Hida traditional streets with delicious drink.

5 min walk

Study how to make Sake and taste it! Watanabe Sake Brewery

Watanabe Sake Brewery

Watanabe Sake Brewery was awarded the gold prize for the over sixty times in total by seventeen contests in seven countries, so this brewery wins the largest number of gold prizes in Japan. You will try many kinds of sake and find your favorites! Besides, Cody, a American Kurabito at the brewery, will explain sake to you in English.

Basic Information

  • Business Hours 9:00 to 17:00
    Closed Jan 1st to Jan 4th
  • Address 7-7,Ichinomachi, Furukawacho, Hida-shi, Gifu
  • Directions 5 minutes walk from Hida Furukawa Station
  • Telephone Number 0577-73-3311
  • Website


Experience the festival registered on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage if you come in cherry blossom season of April.

about the Furukawa Festival